You Don't Know What You Are Capable Of

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”
-T.S. Eliot

Believe me when I say this. Your concept of what you, the mind reading and processing these words on this screen, are capable of is so unbelievably under-indexed. You can do much more than you believe you are capable of handling.


You haven't stress-tested the outer range of your personal limits, physically, emotionally, and mentally. To exist in a zone of comfort is to die a slow and unfulfilling death. One day you will be sitting on your death bed, thinking the last thoughts in your current form. The last thing you want is to sit in horror at the gnawing question of "what if". " What if" doesn't come if you gave life everything you had to offer.

These thoughts can, at first, be difficult to entertain or consider. Most of this discomfort usually stems from a confrontation with your fragile ego. "Me, no, I am not the person who fails to give opportunities everything in my power. That is other people, not me."

Though not verbatim, a lie with this essence is told millions of times per day by people who don't want to admit that they are not doing everything in their power to bring their daydreams to fruition. Sometimes, we fall into the group of people telling ourselves this lie. It's ok. Owning it will allow you to break through. Those who find themselves asking "what if" on their deathbed are the ones who clung to their pride rather than a commitment to progress.

When JFK declared to the world that humans would visit the moon by the end of the decade in the early 1960s, engineers at NASA likely shuttered upon first listen. Nobody thought such a feat was possible, especially considering the tight timeframe they were given.

The obstacle didn't matter because the mission was too inspiring not to attack with complete audacity.

Bring this same thinking into your own life and watch the magic happen. Throw away the conditioning brought on by school and society, and return to the childlike days of your past when the word impossible was something only adults uttered.

This isn't generic bullshit. You've been conditioned to relinquish your self-power in an effort to fit into the masses. You are better than this. You are capable of so much more. You are under-indexing, aka selling yourself short, of what you are genuinely able to do.

Attack. Evolve. Let momentum do the rest for you.

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”
-Walt Disney

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