Authentic Empire

Graphic Design

Selected graphic work for Atlanta based indie label Authentic Empire Music Group

The goal of these designs was to touch on nostalgia reminiscent of saturday morning cartoons. We wanted to engage fans in a way that was different from mainstream trap artist depictions, using a visual style that spoke to a wide spectrum of cultures. Each artist signed to A.E.M.G. was turned into a character that featured small details relevant to who they were both as an artist, as well as an individual.d

Geezy's moniker is Burberry Jerry, so he is outfitted in a head-to-toe Burberry set

Euro Gotit is holding a stack of Euros (low hanging fruit, sorry for not being more creative with that one)

Lil Thumpr is protected by a Glock-toting bunny, a literal little thumper

Foogiano's nickname is glacier boy, explaining why he's standing on an ice berg

Geezy Escobar, GA, and Euro Gotit

Foogiano, Boomman, Lil Thumpr
The ultimate goal was to use the cartoons on brand collateral, as seen in this example (box used for influencer care packages)

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