Daiya Droids Site

Web Design / Creative Direction

Website and Design work for the Daiya Droids NFT project.

Daiya Droids is a Japanese infused NFT project that follows lab-made half-human droids that are escaping from the sewers they were made in. Designed beneath the bustling Okachimachi jewelry district of Tokyo, these robots are sleek, unique, and clean.

Our idea with the website was to build out a retro computer style interface, like something you'd find inside a lab in Tokyo back in the 1990s. Mixing in 3D gifs with still image media, the site experience is an engaging balance of nostalgia and functionality, simple yet memorable.

Filled with multiple sections that feed into the backstory of the project at large, this site is an organic portal for users to interact with and get informed on the Daiya Droids Universe. You can visit the site by clicking the link below.

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