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The goal of this project was to design and implement Street Collective's first digital storefront.

Street Collective (@street on Instagram) is a rising streetwear company hailing from the Metro Detroit area, focused on "identifying, guiding, and providing entrepreneurial opportunity to vulnerable kids from inner-city // low-income communities." 15% of all profits go toward empowering youth in low income areas.

Hand-stitched and hand-dyed in Los Angeles, CA, Street carries with it a certain level of luxury stemming from the inherent high quality of the garments used in their production process. Street Came to us prepared, having all necessary creative assets (model shots, product shots, logos,) as well as a product, ready to go.

We were aiming for a mix between bold in-your-face design, placing the product front and center throughout the site. The color scheme and ancillary graphics were chosen to balance some of the louder aspects of the layout.

The first thing you may notice when scrolling through the site is the Instagram grid-like layout of the home page. This is done on purpose. Sites of the past leaned into a more segmented user flow, funneling visitors from the home page to smaller collections throughout. Although that works well for some websites and brands, it didn't for Street. We aimed to mimic the familiar 3x3 layout, giving visitors a seamless scroll from top to bottom.

Visitors are greeted with a gallery of pictures, and are led to a full page scroll of every product in Street's current collection. This layout decreases time spent navigating the site, leading to higher conversions in the long run.

You can visit Street's site via the link below. Visit our contact page to get in touch if interested in working on a project together.

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