Kong 90s Collection

Creative Direction/Graphic Design

Fra Mauro was approached by Kong to create designs for their upcoming 90s collection. Tasked with creating an array of diverse yet consistent designs, we looked to create graphics that oozed with the nostalgia of the last decade of the millenium.

We'll let the designs speak for themselves here. Kong Beer Bong is a company based out of Columbus, OH focused on changing the way people drink. Their signature model is a 2-in-1 Koozie and personal beer bong, sleekly and sturdily designed.

Our aim with this project was to create designs that would be recognizable to those who were old enough to remember the graphic nuances of the times, while appealing to younger generations who may not have been old enough to recall popular trends from that period.


Kong 90's design themed after the "Jazz" design, known by many for being printed on nearly ever disposable cup from that decade
Kong 90's design themed after the original Windows interface aesthetic
Kong 90's design themed after Apple's infamous "think different" campaign
Kong 90's design (purple) modeled after retro Igloo coolers
Kong 90's design modeled after the geometric and sometimes abstract designs of the period
Kong 90's design (yellow) modeled after retro igloo coolers
kong 90's design featuring a pattern oozing with the pastels and fun vibes of the times
Kong 90's design modeled after the well-known HI-C packaging designs
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