Kong x TooTurntTony

Design / Creative Direction

The Goal of this project was to design a graphic packaging schema for Kong Beer Bong's collab with Tik Tokker Too Turnt Tony

**Full sized images of the designs can be viewed on desktop, as they are too wide to accommodate the narrow view of phone screens**

Fun Version
Clean Version

Design work for Kong Beer Bong x Too Turnt Tony Collab. Kong produces personal beer bongs that double as a koozie, and Too Turnt Tony is a tik tok / social media influencer with over 7 million followers across his channels. This is a Two Turnt Tony Beer Bong,

The design inspiration for this collab was taken from the Miami Vice hues reminiscent of the cocaine cowboy days of the 80s & 90s, infused with a fun spirit and tropical vibes.

@tooturnttony $5,000 fine.✅ @theskimaskgirl ♬ original sound - Tooturnttony
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