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The goal of this project was to design, source, and launch a fully operational cosmetics brand that captured the beauty and grandeur of the sky.

"Where do I start! First I would like to say Fra Mauro is amazing! Josh has been so informative throughout the whole process of making my website come to life, it was a vision of mine and he worked hard to make it a reality. From day one he made me feel very comfortable and it was easy to express my wants for the project. He is one of the best in my eyes and I would recommend him to anyone if you are looking for quality work. Anytime I had a question about something he got back with me ASAP. His professionalism and humble spirit made me know I made the right decision in choosing who to work with. Fra Mauro the best at what they do, and Josh is very passionate about his work. Thanks Josh for such an amazing experience and for bringing this project to life!" -Morgan Johnson, Founder and Owner of Elise Sky Cosmetics

Elegance. Natural Simplicity. Results.

Fra Mauro was approached by Elise Sky with a list of lipstick names, a paragraph describing the vision, and a rough sketch of a possible logo. That was our starting point. That was what we could stand on with certainty. It was our job to do the rest.

Treating this project like a puzzle, we worked piece by piece to make sure every aspect was of the highest possible standard. From ethically sourced, 100% cruelty free beauty products developed in Canada, to a brand identity that simultaneously communicated the elegance and simplicity of what Elise Sky stood for, each portion was pieced together one stage at a time.

As for the overall design of the site, we were shooting for a visual experience that blended dream-like landscapes with what you might see looking out the window of a plane. Organic silhouettes mesh with geometric touches in a synergy of mechanical and natural, guiding the eyes through a visually pleasurable array.

We aimed to place the products front and center, creating as little distraction as possible between the times of site entrance and product page visit. Divided into three main categories (Eyes, Lips, Skin), each collection catered to both high and low price points, with many of the products working optimally when used in conjunction with one another.

When launching a product or a new brand, make sure you take an unique angle. The beauty industry is one of our favorite markets due to the unique opportunities for branding and creativity. Evident in companies like Starface, Disco, and Vacation, beauty, when branded correctly, can be a fun and engaging experience. If interested in starting your own white-labeled cosmetics line, contact our team today.

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