Rugby Wild

Merch Sourcing / Web + Graphic Design / Copy

The goal of this project was to source merchandising & design a website for rapper Rugby Wild.


Rugby Wild is a rapper hailing from Los Angeles, California. His name is an acronym, standing for "Regardless, U Gotta Be Yourself Whether I Live Or Die." Talented and smooth in his tracks, we wanted to make a site that captured his fun energy and good vibes. We handled sourcing, system setup, web design, and light graphic work throughout the site. Designs visible on the merch were created by the talented @sweetsweetwilly.

Feel The Vibe:

Below is an array of Rugby's past music videos. Watch them, listen to the songs, and remember them while looking through the site.

The main problem with the run-of-the-mill merch store out there (whether for an influencer, a company, or a musician) is a lack of variety, usually stemming from generic designs. Do you know how saturated the merch space has become over the past few years?

With print on demand services becoming increasingly available, it's easier than ever to get a merch store up and running. Does having one mean you'll get sales? Not in the least bit. Although the global fashion market is the largest ecommerce segment by size, clocking in at around 485 Billion USD in 2020, saturation is on the rise.

Standing out in today's landscape requires cohesive, engaging designs, paired with an intuitive, eye-catching store. If that's what you need, contact our team to hear how we can help you.

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