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This website was designed for the sellout NFT drop, Skulltoons. Check out the retro TV for yourself by visiting the live site.

The brainchild of well known neo-pop artist Teodoru Badiu, Skulltoons "Gavroche" is a series of NFT's centered around a main character from the infamous musical Les Misérables. Gavroche is a street savy individual with a big heart, a reflection of us all on a varying spectrum.

The initial idea of the site was to play up the nostalgic feel of cartoons through whimsical fonts, bright colors, and a simplistic layout throughout. The retro + clickable TV featured on one of the first sections of the site was a unique feature add, an interactive component meant to recreate the experience of turning on your favorite Saturday morning TV show back in the day.

Shifting away from lighthearted fun, the final version of the site ended up reflecting the more skull-y, darker aspects of the project. Less whimsical and more serious, the rendition visible below features an added team section + a countdown timer for community engagement events. Culminating into a slick streamlined user experience, the final Skulltoons NFT website is a well-branded portal into the mind of Teodoru Badiu.

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