Trust Fund Capital

Web Design + Copy

We made a new website for Trust Fund Capital, a V.C. fund created and lead by serial entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso.

The guiding vision for this project was to build on the base bones of the original Trust Fund website. Keeping in line with the existing aesthetics, we wanted to maintain the sleek look and feel found throughout.

When you’re on the site, you’ll notice a slight grain/noise film on both the background and images included in the build, something we did to blend the modern aspects of the companies Trust Fund invests in with the vintage vibe of the “trust fund” aspect of what makes their V.C. different.

A slick black background makes up the base of the site, with details spread throughout. On the homepage, you’ll find a brief overview of the fund, along with a preview of companies in their portfolio. Sleek, simple, and clean, this layout fell in line with our goal to keep the focus on T.F.’s suite of investments.

Moving onto the portfolio page, visitors are greeted with a simple grid layout of about 15 businesses who’ve received funding from the T.F. team. The site animations follow the layout, opting for minimal yet experience-enhancing movement to guide viewers through a visually pleasing journey.

We love Trust Fund because it brings an air of humor to a rather serious space. The idea for the company might initially put you off, but it’s ironic for the following reason: Sophia, the founding partner, is the furthest thing from a trust fund baby you could imagine. Gritty and graceful, her rise to the upper rungs of the entrepreneurship and business space was all due to self-made hustle and determination.

The main tagline “for the plebes” is a reflection of the fund’s willingness to invest in normal people doing extraordinary things. Here at Fra Mauro, we believe in and support the same mission.

Never settle, over deliver, and believe in yourself and your purpose. We’ll see you sometime again soon.

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