We Are The Select

Web Design + Webflow & Shopify Development

Webflow & Shopify site for We Are The Select, a Newport Beach located paid media consultancy.


When We Are The Select approached us, the goal was to create an online presence that reflects their understated, high-end brand. Drawing inspiration from the minimalist elegance of iconic fashion houses, we embarked on a journey to design a digital space that stands out by its simplicity and sophistication.

The Art of Subtraction

In the noisy paid media landscape, We Are The Select needed a presence that speaks through its calm. We chose a grayscale palette, echoing the timeless sophistication of black-and-white fashion photography. To bring this minimal canvas to life, we employed GSAP’s scramble text effects, where the main subheading scrambles into view on load, and links on desktop scramble when hovered, adding a dynamic layer to the user experience.

Engaging Visuals with Subtle Animations

Beyond the text, the visual elements of the site play a crucial role in its narrative. We integrated a pixelation JavaScript library, allowing images on desktop to subtly pixelate on hover, aligning with the site's high-end, editorial feel. For mobile users, these images transform into slow-timer GIFs that pixelate as side modals open, ensuring an engaging experience across devices.

Seamless Integration with E-commerce

In addition to their main site, built on Webflow, our collaboration with We Are The Select extends to a Shopify based e-commerce experience to house their upcoming clothing line. While this site is yet to be launched, it is designed to complement the main site's elegance, offering a seamless transition between the agency's showcase and its product offerings.

Saying more by Saying Less

The final product is more than a website; it's an immersive experience. It doesn't clamor for attention but commands it through its poise and interactive elements. At first glance, one might mistake it for an atelier. It's a testament to We Are The Select's philosophy – attracting with substance, not noise.

Conclusion: Crafting a Narrative in Digital Design

Our journey with We Are The Select was about translating their unique identity into a digital narrative that speaks volumes through its minimalism and interactive features. We created a space where every pixel serves a purpose, where elegance becomes the language. It's a showcase of our belief that in the world of digital design, the most profound stories are often told in the subtlest ways, by the simplest of details.

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