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Business Class - A Transformation Journey

Project Overview

Business Class, a comprehensive entrepreneurial course designed and led by the renowned businesswoman Sophia Amoruso, required a comprehensive website overhaul. The task was a challenging one: we had just two weeks to completely redesign and relaunch their sales landing page. The goal? To create a highly conversion-focused website that would drive sales and help Business Class reach new heights.

The Challenge

The original website for Business Class was a maze of complexity: hard to navigate, visually overwhelming, and arguably detrimental to sales. It lacked the modern touch, the intuitive flow, and the strategically placed information that are critical to keeping visitors engaged and leading them towards making a purchase. The challenge was to strip away the clunkiness, streamline the user experience, and design a website that was as effective as it was appealing.

Our Solution

Given the tight timeline, we hit the ground running. We began with a thorough analysis of the existing website, identifying its drawbacks and the opportunities for improvement. Our approach was centered on a complete redesign, crafted with a modern aesthetic and a strategic information hierarchy that acted like a sales funnel.

We chose to build the new website on Webflow, a platform known for its versatility and robustness. To ensure the new design was more user-friendly, we employed a clean, minimalist aesthetic. This helped to eliminate the busyness of the original site and make navigation more intuitive.

We also restructured the information layout, prioritizing key details and making the content easier to scan. This layout acted more like a funnel, guiding the visitor through the course's offerings and leading them seamlessly towards the decision to purchase.

To further strengthen the site's credibility and sales potential, we added video testimonials. These real-life success stories served as powerful social proof, helping potential customers to see the tangible benefits of the Business Class course.


The result was a striking, modern, and user-friendly website that not only represented the Business Class brand but also successfully drove sales. The new design, coupled with strategic conversion-based principles, played a pivotal role in generating an increase in sales.

The transformation was more than just aesthetic. It was about creating an effective and efficient platform that optimized the user experience while achieving business goals set out by Sophia and the Business Class team.

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