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Redefining RCLM: A nexus for climate data intelligence

RCLM, known for its pivotal role in selling and licensing climate data to major financial and governmental institutions, faced a paradox. Despite their success, their digital presence was virtually non-existent. In an era where digital identity equates to business legitimacy, this gap was significant. Fra Mauro was approached to bridge this divide, crafting an online presence that mirrored RCLM's real-world stature.

Strategic Approach

Our strategy hinged on a singular focus: building unwavering trust with RCLM's clientele. Recognizing the sophisticated nature of their audience, including asset managers and NGOs, we aimed to create an aura of established credibility. The challenge was twofold: appeal to data purchasers and data providers, akin to a 'data Airbnb' model.

Typography, Form, and Palette: Crafting Identity

The typographic strategy introduced TWK Lausanne as the primary font for headings and subheadings, infusing the content with a warm, humanist, and competent tone. This font, also employed in the logo, harmonizes with the paragraph text set in Signifier, creating a cohesive and appealing visual hierarchy.

RCLM's initial bold red color palette and experimental font were replaced with a more subdued and neutral set of tones, exuding an ultra high-end feel. This careful selection of colors reinforces the reliability and predictability of RCLM, essential traits in the climate data industry where trust and authority are paramount.

Imagery: Merging Nature with Technology

The site’s visual storytelling was a delicate dance of contrasts: serene natural scenes against the precision of technological graphics. The imagery mirrored the essence of RCLM's work — data rooted in the natural world yet pivotal to modern innovation. Abstract 3D elements and gradient  glass icons come together to form a sharp, knowledgeable aesthetic.

Animation and Interactivity

With restraint and purpose, we incorporated GSAP-powered animations into this Webflow-powered website. These animations are not merely decorative; they serve to draw attention to critical sections of the site without compromising performance or user focus.

The Gateway to Knowledge: Lead Generation

Placing in-depth market reports behind an email submission gateway was a key unlock for RCLM's inbound flywheel. The reports, along with publicly available articles, served a dual purpose: asserting RCLM's authority in climate data while quietly building a repository of leads. They were not barriers but entryways, inviting users into the fold of RCLM’s expertise.

Aim-Fire Alignment

Understanding the complex nature of RCLM's operations was crucial. We delved deep into the climate data field to ensure the project's direction was clear and accessible to the layperson, while also meeting the sophisticated needs of RCLM's specialized audience. The result is a site that speaks with clarity and authority, regardless of the visitor's level of expertise in the climate data domain.

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